Tuesday, 16 January 2007

101 moments worth living...IV

76. Travel far, far away in hot air balloon
77. Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
78. Rent a convertible on a sunny day
79. Set sail in historic Lunenberg, Nova Scotia
80. Join in the Tomatina fight in Bunol, Spain
81. Dance like no one is watching you, in public
82. Drive across Canada
83. Learn another language
84. Run with the migrating caribou
85. Walk a tightrope
86. Kiss a complete stranger
87. Walk down a red carpet
88. Play part in your favourite TV show
89. Make the front page of a national newspaper
90. Watch a meteor shower from a mountaintop
91. Conquer your worst fear
92. Ride a mechanical bull
93. Do the hustle
94. Last one round in the ring with a professional boxer
95. Drink wine on the Spanish steps
96. Live to be a Great, Great, Grandparent
97. Spend a week by yourself away from all forms of civilization
98. Cliff dive in the Adriatic Sea
99. Skydive
100. Drive the Authobahn in a really, really fast car
101. Own a Lexus

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