Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Badum Badum


Lesha said...

la linea di cavandoliiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
In Italy it's cult, it's great! I used to watch it every day on TV when I was a child.
I find sweet that subtitles have been added for a character that doesn't speak... he just says "bla bla mmmnhmmm ahkfnoigjh" ;-))

was it broadcasted in your country too?

sretno dijete said...

Yes, of course, La Linea cartoon was an inevitable part of my childhood as well.
The subtitles are in croatian colloquial language( sexy version) that makes la linea even funnier ,at least for us, The Balkanians.

Badum, badum...

Lesha said...

can you imagine a little lesha in Italy and a little Sretno Dijete in Bosnia watching La linea on Tv every day at the same time?
faraway, so close ;-)

ps. perhaps, due to the oppressive Vatican presence in Italy, the sexy linea was not broadcasted at the usual cartoons time....;D
badum badum

sretno dijete said...

I was always wondering what did he say?! Barum, barum or badum, badum...It turned out that was giberish.

We used to have cartoons on national TV every night around 7:15pm, before the central news at 7:30pm.
A socialist upbringing. Cartoons for children, politics for adults. Almost at the same time...

lesha said...

If I remember well, even in Italy it was at half past seven pm before the news.
actually, la linea is murmuring something, and it all stands in the intonation. sometimes he utters also some proper words and phrases, such as yes, no, here it is, and sometimes he shouts "Cavandoli!!" addressing directly to his creator. cavandoli was a genius...

sretno dijete said...

Viva Cavandoli,

La Linea was unique,different... Based more on drawings than animated pictures, followed by a funny murmuring of the main character,the cartoon was a huge success.
There was another cartoon that I really liked as a child...Gustav...Hungarian production.

Btw, I grew up with an Italian comic book that had a cult status in my former country...Alan Ford.
Here's an artical about this phenomenon on Wikipedia:



lesha said...

I know that alan ford and zagor are very popular in Bosnia and also in Croatia.
I also loved an Hungarian cartoon which title in Italy was something like the aladar family. could it be the same?

we're lost in vintage.

thanks for the link.

sretno dijete said...

Comics were very popular during these days...days of childhood. Later, I found out that most of them were creation of Italian cartoonists such as: Zagor, Tex Willer, Comandante Mark, Mister No, Marty Mystery...