Monday, 28 April 2008



lesha said...


hi Sretno, how are you doing?
Here in Banana Land everything is ok.


sretno dijete said...

Hi Lesha...

Say cheeeeeeeese or cut the cheese.
I'm doing OK...thanks for asking...slowly but surly.

Finally, the weather is getting better so I'm trying to be as much as possible outdoors after this long winter.

How is life in Silvio's Italia?
We, the Balkans, have an expression:"...third time...lucky time..."

lesha said...

Hi Sretno
third time...lucky time...for SIlvio or for us?
Don't answer, please. ;)

here's ok there are 4 days holiday and I'm happy about that. I'll relax, go cycling and trekking in the woods if it doesn't rain.

I'm planning my summer in the Balkans, dubrovnik, mostar, sarajevo, travnik and who knows.


sretno dijete said...

Ciao Lesha,

I'm not going to say who will have a luck this time. I'll find out in a few months...

You're amazing! Another Balkan tour on your mind.
Well, if you 're planning to visit that region, Herzegovina & southern Croatia, I recommend you to go and see Buna near Mostar as well as surrounding villages.
There are many characteristic tombstones from medieval Bosnia also known as -Stecak

Take care

lesha said...

thanks for the reccomendation, I'll go there for sure.
I'm looking forward to being there!