Friday, 14 January 2011

The rainbow of consciousness

"...there is no evidence against genetic determinism more persuasive than the children of the rich. The Charm Bracelets did not study. They never raised their hands in class. They sat in the back, slumping, and went home each day carrying the prop of a notebook.
But maybe the Charm Bracelets understood more about life than I did. From an early age they knew what little value the world placed in books, and so didn't waste time with them. Whereas I, even now, persist in believing that these black marks on white paper bear the greatest significance, that if I keep writing I might be able to catch the rainbow of consciousness in a jar..."
"Middlesex"-Jeffrey Eugenides


Anonymous said...

Tebi i tvojima ┼żelim sve naj-haj :)
api nju jiar!


sretno dijete said...


pozdrav veliki